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Mikes Offers a variety of Inground Pool Services


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Mikes Pool and Spa Service Installs and Services equipment for all your pool needs.

We sell and service a variety of quality parts and equipment from Jandy and Pentair to keep your pool running well.  Have Mikes take a look at your pool equipment now to ensure it is in good condition for the upcoming swimming season.

Replacement Liners

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Mikes Pool and Spa Service Installs New Pool Liners

The average inground pool liner will last 5-12 years.  Factors that dictate their longevity include the quality and proper installation of the existing liner, water chemistry, chemicals used, and use of the pool.  Mike offers many different types of liners of varying rated quality and durability.  Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss your options.  Have a look at the extensive selection of liners available for your pool

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Mikes Pools and Spa Service Repairs your Inground Pool Systems

Mikes staff of expert technicians can repair even the toughest problems including underground pipe leaks, finding a hole in your liner, or replacement of worn parts such as filters, pumps, or in pool lighting systems.

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  GLI Pool Liners

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Winter Covers

Mikes Pool and Spa Service Installs Inground Pool Winter safety Covers.

Mikes Pool and Spa Service Installs Inground Pool Winter safety Covers.

Mikes only offers the best ProMesh® Winter Safety Covers from GLI Pool Products.  ProMesh covers block the sun like a solid cover to control springtime algae growth.  They are also 50% lighter and up to 75% stronger too.  Keep kids, pets, and stray animals out of your pool.  We will measure, order, and install the cover for you. Call today.

Salt Generators

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Intellichlor Salt Chlorine Generator

Mikes Sells, Installs, and Services Salt Water chlorination systems for your inground pool.  Salt water systems are convenient since they deliver constant chlorine sanitizer to your pool.  Other advantages of salt include softer water, no chlorine stains on swimsuits, and salt is significantly cheaper than chlorine

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