Mike's Pool and Spa Service, Inc.

506 South Lincoln Avenue ● O'Fallon Illinois ● 62269

Our Inground Pool Service includes Weekly Maintenance, Spring Openings, Winter Closing, and All Repairs

Pool Opening

Vacuum Pool to Waste Once to Remove Heavy Debris

Brush Walls and Floor

Start Pool Equipment

Test Pool Water

Add *Chemicals/Salt as Needed

Installation of Handrails and Ladders

Removal of Winter Plugs and Re-Install Directional Jets

Removal of Cover: We fold and leave poolside

Added charge for removal of water and debris on top of pool cover  *Chemicals and salt are additional charge
Weekly Maintenance Program

Weekly Maintenance

Testing Water and Adjusting Chemicals

Empty Cleaner and Pump Baskets

Backwash Filters

Half Hour of Pool Vacuuming

Check Filtration System

Adjust and Fill Chlorinators

Check Salt and Add as Needed

Check Pool Cleaner
* Chemicals and Parts Invoiced Separately

Pool Closing

Removal of Rails and Ladders

Blow out Lines, Skimmers, and Main Drains

Install Winterizing Plugs

Add AntiFreeze in Lines

Add Shock and Algaecide to Pool

Winterize Pump, Filter, Heater, and Chlorinator

Clean Salt Generator

Install Pool Cover

*Additional Charge for supplies used
** Not responsible for aging plastic parts on pool or Equipment (ie basket and valve handles)