Instantly revitalize your pool with a New Pool Liner.

There’s a whole selection of NEW liners for 2021-22 along with out large selection of existing liners.  Mikes will instantly revitalize the appearance of your in-ground pool by installing a durable and colorful new liner.  We have added six additional new pool liners including textured patterns and layered designs. Liners come in various designs and quality.

  • Standard: 20 gauge floor – durable, economical, traditional
  • Deluxe: 20 gauge floor, 28 gauge wall – durable with thicker wall for older pool walls, where ladders bump, floats and toys hit, etc…
  • Heavy Duty: 28 gauge floor and wall for more durability, puncture resistance, uneven pool surfaces, longevity, peace of mind

Take a look at all of the pool liners we offer here.